Swagger Photoshoot

Dudoir Photoshoots


Want to look like you have stepped off a GQ Photoshoot? Or are you wanting to show off your newly honed gym body? If so the Swagger Photoshoot will help you achieve these goals.

Swagger is an upcoming trend and it offers dudes the chance to shine and show off. Ladies have boudoir and Swagger will offer you the chance to have some confidence boosting photographs.

Maybe you are an upcoming male model or you want some photographs for a special someone then the Swagger photoshoot will meet these requirements. If you are a fitness trainer or sportsman then a Swagger session can give you some great promotional photographs. You can also buy this package as a gift for a partner.

Our shoot starts with some gentle pampering where your hair and face will be made to look camera ready. Our professionally trained makeup artist will give you a great grooming session.

Camera Ready

Our professional photographer will then discuss your chosen outfits and what looks you are trying to achieve. Lighting will be altered to achieve this. So if you want a rugged or sculpted look this can be done.

You can wear a dinner suit for a suave James Bond look or maybe wear your sports kit for a more rugged action man shot. You may even feel that you wish to go shirtless or emulate Beckham in “those” underwear shots. It is your experience and therefore our photographer is willing to go along with your ideas.

Our professional photographer is experienced in getting the best photographs and will help you with poses. And if you want to bring your own props then please do so. We will let you know if they will work well.

You will then be invited back to the studio a few days later to view all your photographs and you can then choose the products you require. You might want an album as a gift for a partner or maybe a some Wall Art – we have a wide range of different products.

The Swagger Photoshoot is a great fun day for any man. The cost of this package is £125 which includes the grooming session with a professional makeup artist.

Give us a ring on 01844 339 928 or 07584 483 382 to get more details about the Swagger Photoshoot package.

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