Portrait Photography Oxfordshire

As a portrait photographer my goal is to offer you the best portrait photography in Oxfordshire. Working from my studio in Bicester I have a wide range of backdrops and props to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Our packages are especially tailored to your needs and requirements. Our shoots are set up so that the entire experience is a fun and enjoyable session for yourself or your family. If you are interested in getting some high quality shots then look at some of the packages we have on offer below.

Capture Family Portraits

portrait photography oxfordshire. Our fantastic family shoot which can also include your petsOur family shoots are about an hour to two hours in length. During this time I will take a variety of shots of all of your family members.

To see more about our family shoots then click here.

Capture/Catwalk Couples Photoshoots

If you are wanting a shoot for a special occasion together or just because you want some great shots of each other then our couples shoot could be for you.

We offer two different types of couple shoots and by clicking on our Couples Shoot page you can see the offering for that day.

Capture/Catwalk Bump to Baby Photoshoots

My Bump to Baby shoots consist of two visits to the studio to have your photograph taken. The first visit will be before your baby is born and the second will be after the birth. You will then have photographs to remember the entire experience.

I again offer a couple of tailored packages for Bump to Baby shoots which you can see here.

Catwalk Makeover Photoshoots

portrait photography oxfordshire - our makeover shoots are a great experienceOur Makeover experiences can be for a Mother and Daughter as a special bonding day out. We also offer makeover experiences for one person. Perfect for if you want some special shots to give as gifts to a loved one.

Have a look at our Makeover experience page here.

Boudoir Photoshoots

If you want some sensual photographs for either yourself or a loved one then a boudoir shoot could be for you. The entire experience will make you feel empowered and our photographs are extremely tasteful.

So if you are looking for some tasteful, sensual photographs then look at our package.

Swagger Photoshoots.

Men are very welcome to come and have a Swagger photography session. We offer the same experience as we do for women and it is tailored to the type of photograph that you want to show.

Have a look at our Swagger photoshoot page for details about this new package.

Capture Pet Photoshoots

I am very happy to shoot photographs of your family pets. We can take photographs of cats, rabbits and all forms of pet as well as dogs.

Click here to get an idea of some of the pet shoots we can do for you.