Capture Bump 2 Baby Photoshoots

Bump to Baby Photoshoots special photographs of your pregnancy and baby's early weeksOur Bump 2 Baby Photoshoots are tailored specifically to help you keep some precious memories of your pregnancy. This is a very special package for you at this very special time.

Our Bump 2 Baby package consists of TWO photoshoots. Your first photoshoot will take place during pregnancy to show off your bump. Working with our professional photographer you will be shown how to pose to get some great bump shots.

The initial bump photoshoot will allow for 3 outfit changes and you can get good advice on which outfits to bring with you.

Following this photoshoot you will be booked back in for a viewing session where you will see all your great photographs on our big screen. You can then choose which of these shots you wish to treat yourself to.

But that is not all to this experience!

The Baby Photoshoot

Once your baby is born you will then return to the studio for those all important baby photographs. Our professional photographer will help you to pose your baby and we have some great cute props to use.

Again you can have three outfit changes for your baby during the photoshoot. We can shoot some great baby photographs using our extensive range of props. But, we can also take some beautiful photographs of the entire family.

After the shoot we will then book you in for the baby viewing session and you can then choose which photographs you would like to purchase.

Just think you can have your baby’s first months with the family as some gorgeous wall art or you can get some special prints made for grandparents or other family members.

This package is the great price of £100 and all our finished photographs are professionally retouched.

Give us a ring on 01844 339 928 or 07584 483 382 to discuss your Bump 2 Baby Photoshoot requirements.

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Special Offers with Bump 2 Baby Photoshoots

But Wait! We have a Special Offer where you can add a Catwalk Makeover experience to your Bump 2 Baby Photoshoot for just £25 extra.

You can get a great pampering experience during your bump shoot. You will have your makeup expertly applied by our trained professional makeup artist and then you will have your hair styled. Our makeup artists are friendly and helpful and will help you with any queries you have about your makeup.

Again ring us on 01844 339 928 or 07584 483 382 to discuss this special makeover offer!

Or drop us a message, Contact Us.